Artichokes Cardoon - West Coast Seeds

Artichokes Cardoon - West Coast Seeds

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  • Stunning Mediterranean look
  • Make unusual cut flowers
  • Heirloom seeds
  • Open pollinated
  • Matures in 150-210 days
  • 1g (approx. 23 seeds)

This striking heirloom perennial plant is grown either as an ornamental or for its edible stems and leaf stalks. Cardoon artichoke seeds grow at least 1.2m (4') tall for a stunning Mediterranean look with huge silvery-green, deeply-cut leaves and thistle-like, hard flowers of rich royal purple. The silvery-grey, fleshy stalks of the inner leaves are eaten. Blanch by wrapping newspaper around the plant when it is 120cm (48") tall. Harvest about 3 weeks later. In the fall the new leaf growth can be treated the same way. Thick stems, steamed and seasoned, are an old-world treat. Unopened flower buds make unusual cut flowers.

1g (approx. 23 seeds)