Asparagus UC157 F2 - West Coast Seeds

Asparagus UC157 F2 - West Coast Seeds

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UC157 F2 

    • 3 to 5 spears from each crown
    • Dark green spears
    • Moderate tolerance to fusarium
    • F2 hybrid seeds
    • Earlier production and heavier yields

UC157 F2 asparagus seeds are an outstanding variety for the Coast and other mild climate areas. This variety gives the advantage of earlier production and heavier total yields than some of the older commercial varieties. Three to five dark green spears are produced from each mature crown. The spears are 1.5 to 2mm (1/2 to 3/4") in diameter, with light bracts. It has moderate tolerance to fusarium root rot. Growing asparagus from seeds is an exercise in patience, but well worth the effort because freshly picked asparagus is like nothing available from the grocery store. Like most garden vegetables, freshness adds depth of flavour and natural sweetness because the sugars have not broken down into starches. Fresh asparagus is like freshly picked corn or tomatoes straight from the vine.

1g (approx. 54 seeds)

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