Bean Gold Rush - West Coast Seeds

Bean Gold Rush - West Coast Seeds

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Gold Rush

  • Great for freezing
  • Long, straight, yellow beans
  • Resistant to mosaic virus
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 58 days

Long, straight, yellow beans hang in clusters around the main stem on 42-54cm (16-20") tall bush plants. Gold Rush bush bean seeds produce pods that are easy to pick, with glorious flavour and texture that lasts over a long period for extended harvests. This variety has good storage, and fine freezing potential. In fact, because the beans freeze so well, we recommend planting a row of Gold Rush just to freeze for winter use. The pods are tender, stringless, about 12-14cm (5-5½") long, and plants are BCMV-resistant and tolerant of root rot. Wax beans have a pleasant, mild flavour and make a lovely change from regular green beans.

50g (approx. 205 seeds)