Bean Kentucky Blue - West Coast Seeds

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Kentucky Blue pole bean seeds combine the great taste of Kentucky Wonder with the cool season hardiness of Blue Lake. The long, round pods are dark-green, smooth and straight, and the plants bear over a long season. The flavour is at its peak when the pods are 15-18cm (6-7") long. Provide Kentucky Blue with a tall, strong trellis, and the plants will keep producing as long as they are kept picked. This BCMV-resistant variety is an AAS Winner! Kentucky Blue was bred by Dr. Calvin Lamborn, and remains a West Coast Seeds standby favourite after all these years.

Quick Facts:

    • Pole bean
    • Long round pods
    • AAS Winner!
    • Open-pollinated seeds
    • Matures in 70 days
    • 25g (approx. 70 seeds)