Beans Purple Queen - West Coast Seeds
Bean Purple Queen Bush - West Coast Seeds

Bean Purple Queen Bush - West Coast Seeds

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Phaseolus Vulgaris

    • Dark purple pods
    • Early maturing
    • Tidy bush plants
    • Open pollinated seeds

Even darker than Royal Burgundy, Purple Queen bush bean produces slightly curved, round, stringless pods about 15cm (6") long. Harvest the abundant pods when they are pencil-thick. This variety is unusual for its long productive season. Though determinate, and very much a bush bean at only 45cm (18") tall, the plants produce over a long period if kept picked. When cooked, the dark purple beans turn an attractive dark green. They were the number one choice for flavour in our field trials, with a crisp texture both raw and cooked.

All bush and pole beans are high in starch, protein, dietary fibre, and a host of minerals such as potassium, iron, selenium, and molybdenum. Green beans, whether grown on a bush or a vine, are very high in vitamin C and calcium. when reconstituted and cooked, dry beans are very high in starch, protein, and dietary fibre. 

25g (approx. 89 seeds)

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