Beets Taunus - West Coast Seeds

Beets Taunus - West Coast Seeds

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  • Perfect for slicing
  • Harvest full size or as baby beets
  • High resistant to cracking
  • Deep purple flesh
  • Matures in 60 days

Taunus beet seeds are an improved cylindrical beet that is perfect for slicing. Harvest at full size or as baby "fingerling" beets. The elongated roots are very uniform, with deep purple flesh, minimal zoning, and high resistance to cracking. Taunus beetroots retain their smooth texture well after maturity. Plants grow to height to about 30cm (12"). An excellent beet for slicing, pickling and chipping. Hybrid breeding mean that the whole plants are uniform, smooth, and early. The tops are quite tasty as well. Direct sow beets starting late April in short rows. Repeat at 2 to 3 week intervals for a longer harvest window.

150 seeds

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