Borage - West Coast Seeds

Borage - West Coast Seeds

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  • Large, fuzzy leaves
  • Vivid blue, edible flowers
  • Versatile, attractive, useful
  • Deer resistant
  • Mild cucumber flavour

Large, fuzzy, cucumber-scented leaves and vivid blue flowers attract bees all summer long. Usually grown for the bees and flowers, young leaves can be cooked like spinach or used in salads. Also known as the star flower because of the arrangement of its petals, the flowers have a light cucumber flavour and will stun with their vivid blue petals. Toss into salads and baby greens, add to avocado prawn vinaigrette, or sprinkle onto cold soups. A dramatic use is to make ice cubes with the petals frozen into them and drop into cold drinks. Borage seeds contain oils with the highest concentration (20% to 30%) of the fatty acid GLA, even higher than Evening Primrose. Altogether a versatile, attractive and useful herb, add starry blue flowers to salads, drinks, berry desserts for zing. Borage may self sow. It is attractive to bumblebees that must buzz at a certain resonance to release a jet of pollen. 

2g (approx. 104 seeds)

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