Brussels Sprouts Nautic Organic - West Coast Seeds

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Nautic Organic Brussels sprout seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! These are the best tasting sprouts we’ve tried in years! Succulent, tender, and useful as whole sprouts or separated leaves, Nautic was bred for high disease resistance, including a strong resistance to powdery mildew. Its buds are spaced slightly apart so the plants dry quicker after fall rain, reducing bud loss, and making it easier to harvest individual sprouts. Nautic is a great variety for the home garden or newbie sprout grower because of its simple and straightforward production. Plant in early summer, transplant in late summer, and harvest all fall and winter.

Our Certified Organic Nautic Brussels sprout seeds are film-coated for visibility and ease of use. You may notice a silver sheen to the seeds – this film is approved to meet COR, NOP, and EU organic regulations. It helps the grower to see the seeds against the soil, and also to move through automatic seeding machines.

  • The best tasting sprouts we’ve tried
  • Buds are spaced slightly apart
  • Was bred for high disease resistance
  • Certified organic
  • Matures in 120 days
  • 25 seeds