Bush Bean Cassoulet - West Coast Seeds
Bush Bean Cassoulet - West Coast Seeds

Bush Beans Cassoulet - West Coast Seeds

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Phaseolus vulgaris

  • open pollinated, low-starch beans
  • subtle, mild flavour
  • compact, bushy plants
  • great for seed saving and very easy to harvest

Cassoulet drying bean seeds are grown for use in the French dish, cassoulet. Unusually thin skins cover delicate, low-starch beans with subtle, mild flavour. The compact, bushy plants are extremely productive, setting masses of pods, and flowering right through summer if kept picked. Expect huge yields of beans for drying and using in winter stews. Because of the beans' mild flavour and lack of starch, they act like sponges, absorbing flavours of other ingredients and adding body to soups and stews without becoming stodgy. The beans are open pollinated, so they're good for seed saving, and very easy to harvest from your organic vegetable garden.

50g (Approx. 100 Seeds)

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