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Cabbage Caraflex Organic - West Coast Seeds

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Caraflex Organic  

  • Tender, crunchy, sweet interior
  • Small, very pointed, uniform heads
  • Tight wrapper leaves
  • This shape is popular in Europe
  • Matures in 50 days

SUMMER HARVEST. Caraflex Organic Cabbage seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Small, very pointed, highly uniform heads that can be planted more densely. Caraflex has tight wrapper leaves that protect the tender, crunchy, sweet interior from weather and pests. Very nice flavour for a summer harvest cabbage. A shape that is becoming ever more popular in Europe and North America. Fresh, sweet, and tender cabbage leaves. These Pointed cabbages tend to be milder and sweeter, and have more tender leaves than round heads. Easier to braise, these cabbages make an excellent alternative to lettuce. Caraflex is an improvement on traditional pointed cabbage types. Has excellent holding capability and firmness. Produces 1.5-2 lb heads , storing up to 8 weeks. Presents well as a baby cabbage.

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