Cabbage Consul - West Coast Seeds

Cabbage Consul - West Coast Seeds

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  • Rich flavour
  • Tightly packed centres
  • Ideal for harvesting over a long period
  • Resists splitting once it heads up
  • Matures in 67 days

FALL HARVEST. Once Consul Cabbage seeds head up, they resist splitting or degrading longer than most other varieties. This makes it ideal for harvesting over a long period from a single sowing. Consul is a great choice for the small home garden as well as for market growers. Smooth, round, compact heads have rich flavour and tightly packed heads. Plant this reliable cabbage in your home garden or for the market table. Protect summer and early fall cabbage crops from the caterpillar of the cabbage moth by draping lightweight row cover over your plants. Remove after the first frost kills off the last remaining adult butterflies.

25 seeds

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