Carrots Danvers - West Coast Seeds

Carrots Danvers - West Coast Seeds

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  • Crisp, rich, orange roots
  • High fibre content
  • Great for canning and freezing
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 70 days

Danvers carrots are crisp, rich orange roots grow to 4cm (1.5 inches) in diameter at the top, tapering 15-20cm (6-7 inches) to a pointed end. These heirloom carrots that have a higher fibre content than Nantes types. They grow and keep well in heavier soils, and are great for canning and freezing. Make sure to plant a row of Danvers carrot seeds in your organic vegetable garden this season. And check out our How to Grow Carrots instructions in the tab below for excellent carrot planting tips from the gardening experts. Be sure to practice succession planting, by only sowing short rows at two to three week intervals. This will result in a longer, less concentrated harvest time.

0.5g (approx. 480 seeds)

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