Carrots White Satin - West Coast Seeds
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Carrots White Satin - West Coast Seeds

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Quick Facts:

    • Uniform shape, crisp, ivory white flesh
    • Easy to grow and heavy yielding
    • 20cm (8") long
    • Hybrid seeds
    • Matures in 65 days

Luminous white roots with strong, 40-45cm (16-18") green tops. The 25cm (10") long cylindrical roots have a unique crisp texture, and juicy flavour. White Satin carrot seeds produce handsome Danvers shaped roots that store well and juice well. Try White Satin roasted as part of a winter meal with other coloured carrots or on their own. It is thought that the ancestral wild carrot had roots that were white, but this is a more recent hybrid, bred for uniformity and great flavour. At first sight, your neighbours will think you are harvesting parsnips, but on closer inspection they are most definitely white carrots.