Celery Tango Organic - West Coast Seeds

Celery Tango Organic - West Coast Seeds

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  • Remarkably refined taste
  • Very little fibre
  • Excels in southern Canada and Northern US
  • Matures in 85 days

Tango Organic celery seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Improved breeding makes Tango the celery of choice for a wide range of growing conditions. It excels in southern Canada and the northern US. Its string less stalks have very little fiber, but have a high water content and keep a remarkably refined taste. The leaves are strongly aromatic and useful in soups and savoury dishes of all kinds. Tango matures a little earlier than some of the others, and is recommended for market growers and home gardeners alike. Plus it's open pollinated, so it's well suited for seed saving.

200 seeds

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