Celery Victoria Pelleted - West Coast Seeds
Celery Victoria Pelleted

Celery Victoria Pelleted - West Coast Seeds

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Apium graveolens

  • Pelleted seeds
  • Early maturing
  • Keeps colour and flavour after cooking
  • Matures in 100 days

Victoria celery is a bolt-resistant, upright plant with crisp, juicy, tasty stalks that are an appealing apple-green colour with white at the base. This hybrid grows where other varieties sometimes fail. Victoria matures extra early and is able to keep its colour and flavour even after cooking. Victoria Pelleted celery seeds are easier to plant than raw seeds, as each seed has a white clay coating that makes it easier to handle and easier to see in the soil. Provide ample moisture and highly fertile soil for your celery plants. The fresh leaves of celery are a glorious addition to soups and salads, imparting a strong, savoury flavour. Like most vegetables, homegrown celery tends to have much more flavour than store-bought.

Approx. 25 Seeds

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