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Sugar Buns

  • Tender, rich and creamy sweetness
  • 19cm (7") ear, 14 rows of kernels
  • Freezes well
  • Two ears on a 1.5-2m (5-5') plant
  • Matures in 70-80 days

Sugar Buns is the earliest sugary enhanced (SE) variety with the longest harvest period of any early corn. Sugar Buns remains tender for a good two weeks on the plants, allowing for a long harvest window. This corn is delightfully tender with a rich, creamy sweetness packed in fourteen rows of tender, yellow kernels on a slim, 19cm (7") ear. Two ears grow on each sturdy, 1.5-2m (5-5') plant. Sugar Buns freezes well. Like all other SE hybrids, be sure not to plant our untreated Sugar Buns corn seeds until the soil temperature is 17°C (64°F) or warmer. This corn has intermediate resistance to northern corn leaf blight and Stewart's Wilt. It is best grown above the 38th parallel.

20g (approx. 120 seeds)