Cucumbers Lemon - West Coast Seeds

Cucumbers Lemon - West Coast Seeds

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Lemon Cucumbers

  • Small and round and never bitter
  • Lime-green flesh
  • Very productive
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 70 days

Attractive heirloom cucumbers are small and round with lemon coloured skin. The lime-green flesh is very mild, sweet and never bitter. Very nice for slicing and easy to digest. Lemon cucumber seeds produce a vigorous long vine that does well on a trellis or fence. This productive variety was introduced to the US market from Australia by Samuel Wilson in 1894. Plants may become quite sprawly, but the fruit production is incredibly vigorous. Be sure to keep plants carefully picked so that no fruits are allowed to mature on the vine. This will lengthen the fruiting period.

1g (approx. 50 seeds)