Cucumbers Mercury - West Coast Seeds

Cucumbers Mercury - West Coast Seeds

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  • Exceptionally early
  • 20cm (8" long fruits
  • Beit alpha type
  • Matures in 55 days
  • Hybrid seeds

This was a real standout in our cucumber trials for both flavour and productivity. Choose Mercury cucumber seeds for exceptionally early beit alpha type cucumbers. The fruits are 20cm (8") long with thin, shiny, dark skins, and crisp, sweet, flavourful flesh. The seeds are small in a tight seed cavity. Plants are very productive both outdoors and in the greenhouse, but were bred with open field growing in mind. Lots of fruits develop on each plant in one relatively concentrated set. They are suitable for pickling when picked immature, but they make fine slicers at full size. Matures in 55 days. (Hybrid seeds)

1g (approx. 28 seeds)