Kale Winter Red Organic - West Coast Seeds

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Winter Red Organic Kale Seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! A Red Russian type kale developed for good uniform colour and old hardiness. Winter Red is a tender salad kale that works well in a crop scheme with others for a continuous, year-round harvest. The edible flower buds (known as napini) from this cultivar arrive early, and are dark red, slim, and tasty. Winter Red makes excellent microgreens, baby salad greens, and mature leafy kale. It was bred here in the Pacific Northwest and is highly productive in coastal organic vegetable gardens.

  • Tender salad kale
  • Developed for colour and hardiness
  • Edible flower buds
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 50-80 days
  • 1g (approx. 275 seeds)