Leek Bandit Organic - West Coast Seeds

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  • Very winter hardy
  • Upright growth
  • Thick stems show little bulbing
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 135 days

Bandit Organic leek seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Sow Bandit leek seeds March to mid-June for fall and winter harvests. Bandit is extremely cold hardy and upright in habit. It develops substantial, thickened stems and attractive, very dark blue-green leaves. The mammoth stems add a little bit of weight for market growers, and can be blanched higher on the plants by hilling. The thickened stems also make cleaning easier. Bandit shows very little bulbing, bolting, or splitting so it can be harvested into the following spring. The flavour is excellent and the sweetness improves with frost and cold weather

0.5g (approx. 144 seeds)