Lettuce Buttercrunch - West Coast Seeds

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  • Butterhead
  • Soft dark green leaves surround tender heart
  • Hearts do not become bitter in hot weather
  • Open pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 67 days

We love the flavour and delicate texture of the leaves for lettuce wraps! Buttercrunch butterhead lettuce seeds are a Bibb type lettuce that forms a tight little rosette of soft, dark-green, upward-facing leaves surrounding a tender, pale centre. The small hearts don't become bitter in hot weather. Later plantings stand well into fall and make good growth in spring cold frames. Buttercrunch lettuce is a good candidate for growing all winter if you can provide cloche or greenhouse protection, or even a simple cold frame. Sow some extra early indoors in February for transplanting to the cold frame in March.

1g (approx. 1000 seeds)