Lettuce Parris Island Cos - West Coast Seeds

Lettuce Parris Island Cos - West Coast Seeds

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Parris Island Cos

  • Romaine
  • Very nice texture
  • Heirloom from 1952
  • Pale centres on large, upright plants
  • Flavourful

Flavourful pale centres are surrounded by thick green outer leaves on enormous upright plants. Parris Island Cos romaine lettuce seeds can be planted close together for a long harvest of little leaves for gourmet salads. Given space and time to grow to full size, Parris Island forms huge heads up to 30cm (12") tall, but even at this crazy size, the leaves are tender and succulent, with mild flavour. Dating back to 1952, this heirloom lettuce is named after the actual Parris Island off the coast of South Carolina. Parris Island Cos is tipburn and mosaic tolerant.

1g (approx. 1050 seeds)