Mescluns Global Gourmet Blend - West Coast Seeds

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Global Gourmet Blend

  • Mild lettuces to tangy pac choi to spicy mustard greens
  • Our most exotic looking pelleted salad mix
  • Diverse leaf shapes and colours
  • Multi-seed pellets
  • Harvest baby greens for instant, pre-mixed salad

Global Gourmet mesclun seeds are part of the Simply Salad series. A salad mix that reflects the diversity of flavours from mild lettuces to tangy pac choi to spicy mustard greens. This is also the most exotic looking of our pelleted salad mixes, with diverse leaf shapes and colours as spectacular looking in containers as they are on the plate. Harvest the baby greens with scissors for an instant, pre-mixed salad. Grow in full sun from fall to spring, and in partial shade in the summer. Each pellet contains numerous seeds, so one or two pellets per 5" container is ample.

12 pellets