Microgreens Two Week Blend - West Coast Seeds

Microgreens Two Week Blend - West Coast Seeds

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Two Week Blend

  • Grow a super-food in two weeks!
  • Harvest in your kitchen
  • Makes a crunchy and delicious salad
  • Includes 6 seed varieties
  • Fun and easy for all

Plant this crunchy, highly flavourful blend and enjoy a harvest window of several days - just two weeks after planting. Our Two Week Microgreen seeds are ideal for use with the Growlight Garden, or even on a bright windowsill. The blend contains fast-growing arugula, kale, pac choi, radish, mizuna, and fenugreek. You won't believe how quickly this microgreens mix turns from seeds to a delicious, crunchy, nutritious salad. Harvest these sprouts in your own kitchen! Use this attractive blend as a garnish or salad topping, or use as you would alfalfa sprouts to add texture and nutrition to sandwiches. The tiny greens are a good source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants and chlorophyll.


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