Parsnip Gladiator - West Coast Seeds

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We like this parsnip for its quick germination and early growth; it is bigger and more vigorous right from the beginning. This variety is wide at the top with a short body. It is tender and delicious even to the largest sizes, with no core. Gladiator parsnip seeds are canker resistant. Our customer Louella is shown holding a truly enormous specimen of Gladiator. She attributes its massive size to her husband’s rich compost blend. In rich, fluffy soil, these parsnips can really get huge. Parsnips store well for winter use.

  • Sweet nutty flavour
  • Smooth skinned, white, tapered roots
  • Canker resistant
  • Hybrid seeds
  • Matures in 110 days
  • 1g (approx. 298 seeds)