Poppies Mission Bells - West Coast Seeds

Poppies Mission Bells - West Coast Seeds

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Poppies Mission Bells

    • Hardy annual
    • Drought resistant
    • Multi coloured flowers
    • Deer resistant
    • Will self sow

Eschscholzia californica. Plant Mission Bells California poppy seeds in spring for summer blooms. Sow them in the fall, and they will be among the first flowers in bloom the following spring. Attractive flowers in gold, white, red, and orange appear above finely cut grey green foliage. California poppies are extremely rugged and drought resistant, so they are ideal for xeriscaping - and look splendid in large plantings. Deer won't bother with these tough flowers, either. This species is actually a short-lived perennial, but is treated as an annual. They will self sow to some degree, but the range of colours diminishes from year to year, so fresh seed is a good idea.

Hardy Annual

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