Pumpkin Jack Of All Trades - West Coast Seeds

Pumpkin Jack Of All Trades - West Coast Seeds

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C. pepo. There's no question that Jack of All Trades pumpkin seeds are the top choice for farmers producing for the Halloween Jack-o-Lantern market. With only 95 days to maturity, it is the earliest maturing Halloween pumpkin, with as much as 95% grower pack-out rate. The pumpkins are notably uniform at 7-8kg (15-17 lbs) each, globe shaped, and 27cm (11") in diameter. This is the ideal size and shape for carving, but also taste great. Fruit exteriors have a light suture and the traditional golden red-orange color. Jack of All Trades will perform well for the home gardener, but you will not need more than one or two of these productive plants.

Quick Facts:

    • Dark orange Jack-o-lanterns
    • Strong handles
    • Mid sized 5-5kg (10-15lb)
    • Hybrid seeds
    • Matures in 100 days

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