Pumpkins Jack Be Little - West Coast Seeds

Pumpkin Jack Be Little - West Coast Seeds

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Cucurbita pepo

  • Can be used as edible soup bowls
  • Cute, tiny, bright orange little orange
  • Wonderful for decorative fall displays
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 95 days

    While they are edible and actually quite tasty, most growers choose Jack Be Little pumpkin seeds for the compact vines and tiny, undeniably cute miniature pumpkins that follow. Each flattened, deeply-ribbed fruit measures only 5cm (2") tall and about 13cm (5") across the top. If cured fully on the vine, the fruits will last as ornaments for as long as twelve months! Jack Be Little makes perfect little bright orange pumpkins for fall decorations, and each plant produces up to eight fruits. Be sure to keep one or two for dicing into fall soups or slicing thin for tempura.

    Matures in 95 days (Open-pollinated seeds)

     2g (Approx. 28 Seeds)

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