Organic Quinoa Mint Vanilla - West Coast Seeds
Quinoa Mint Vanilla Organic - West Coast Seeds

Organic Quinoa Mint Vanilla - West Coast Seeds

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Chenopodium quinoa

  • Bright white seed heads
  • Well adapted to coastal growing
  • Plants are tall
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 100 days

CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Mint Vanilla Organic quinoa seeds produce tall, dark green foliage topped by bright white seed heads and seeds, tinged with pale green. This variety is well adapted to coastal growing and productive even when summers are not so hot. The light colour of the seed heads give it a particularly ornamental appeal. Quinoa is very high in protein and fiber, but it contains no gluten. It is widely celebrated as a super-food, a nutrient rich and easy to grow crop for the home gardener. Growing quinoa is easier than you might think. A relatively small bed of it can produce a pound or more of dried quinoa seeds.

Matures 100 days.
 (Open-pollinated seeds)

2g (Approx.600 Seeds)

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