Radish Miyashige White Neck - West Coast Seeds

Radish Miyashige White Neck - West Coast Seeds

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Radish Miyashige White Neck

Quick Facts:

    • Large daikon type
    • Huge white roots
    • Excellent flavour
    • Crisp texture
    • Open pollinated seeds

This is a standard mainstay of fall and winter harvest daikon radishes from Japan. The enormous roots can grow to 30-38cm (12-15") long and 6-8cm (2.5-3.25") in diameter. They keep very well as the soil cools down into early winter, and then they store well after harvest. The flesh is mild and crunchy, and very nice in pickles and kimchi. There is some variability to the ends between pointy and stubbed. Miyashige White Neck daikon radish seeds are for July and August sowing. This is a great crop to follow Minowase Summer Cross, which can be planted much earlier.

Matures in 50 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)