Snow Peas Avalanche - West Coast Seeds

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Quick Facts:

    • Sweet and tender
    • Plants are "semi-leafless"
    • Resistant to fusarium wilt and mildew
    • Open-pollinated seeds
    • Matures in 60 days

A great substitute for Mammoth Melting peas, Avalanche snow pea seeds grow into 15cm (6") pods that are sweet and tender. Plants are "semi-leafless" so they put more energy into producing pods, making for higher yields of snow peas. Plant two to three rows close together and plants will intertwine, providing support for each other. Expect a height of 90cm (36"). Avalanche is resistant to Fusarium Wilt race 1 and powdery mildew. Plant this reliable snow pea from spring to mid-summer in rich, fertile soil.