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Bean Tohya Edamame - West Coast Seeds

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Glycine max

  • Concentrated pod set
  • Compact bushy growth
  • Early maturing
  • Open pollinated
  • Matures in 78 days

Tohya soybean seeds are our earliest maturing edamame option. They produce plump, slightly furry pods on stocky bush plants that grow to only 60cm (24") tall. The pods average three seeds each, maturing in a concentrated set for easy harvest. Tohya Edamame has great flavour and appealing texture for delicious homemade edamame. This variety still matures later in the season, requiring ample heat units, but it is a bit earlier to mature than Sayamusume and Kuroshinju. Try some soybeans in your raised beds or in large patio containers. They are slow growing but very easy to grow and harvest. Matures in 78 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

20g (approx. 50 seeds)

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