Spinach New Zealand - West Coast Seeds

Spinach New Zealand - West Coast Seeds

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Spinach New Zealand 

Quick Facts:

    • Not really a spinach
    • Provides copious amounts of greens
    • Perennial in mild winters
    • open-pollinated seeds
    • Matures in 60 days

Tetragonia tetragonioides. Familiar to many gardeners, this is not really a spinach. It provides copious amount of leaves for salads and cooked greens in mid-summer. Once it is established it is vigorous and trouble-free. New Zealand spinach seeds need lots of heat to germinate so start inside or wait until May or June to seed outside. Soak the small, hard seed overnight before planting. The flavour is better if the plants have some shade from the sun. Pick the leaves and young shoots of this trailing plant regularly to lengthen the harvest. New Zealand Spinach is perennial in mild winters.

Matures in 60 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)