Squash Futtsu Black Early - West Coast Seeds

Squash Futtsu Black Early - West Coast Seeds

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Quick Facts:

    • Japanese heirloom
    • Sweet, nutty flavour
    • Deeply ribbed fruits
    • Matures in 100-120 days
    • Open pollinated seeds

C. moschata. This is an old Japanese heirloom, cultivated for hundreds of years. Futtsu Black Early squash forms decorative and tasteful pumpkin-like fruits of medium size. A typical fruit from this unusual and highly prized squash weighs around 1.5kg (3 lbs). The fruits start out round and dark green — almost black — with deep ribs and some wrinkles. As they mature the fruits turn dusky grey-brown, and the nutty flavour and sweetness really improves. Cutting into this remarkable fruit releases a strong scent of cantaloupe. The squash will keep for months in storage. Plants grow 80-140cm (32-55") wide, so provide lots of space as well as fertile soil. The fruits are eminently decorative for fall displays.

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