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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Uniformly cylindrical along its whole length, and intensely yellow in colour. Goldy’s fruits average 20-25cm (8-10″) long. Plant Goldy Organic zucchini seeds for relatively small plants that are open and vigorous with hardly any spines. The fruits are tender and delicious. Avoid aborted fruits by planting long blooming flowers around your squash bed. Fruits sometimes abort due to poor or incomplete pollination, resulting in fruits that turn black and shrivel from the blossom end. In a field setting, sunflowers work really well, attracting pollinators to the area like beacons. In the home garden or raised bed, try planting AlyssumPhacelia, and other long-blooming flowers around the edge of the bed. Fruit set will be vastly improved.

  • Intense yellow skins
  • Evenly thick along its length
  • Open, nearly spineless plants
  • Matures in 55 days
  • Hybrid seeds
  • 1.5g (approx. 12 seeds)