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C. pepo. When Jackpot zucchini starts producing, you'll think you hit the jackpot! Bushy plants have few spines, very high yield, and continuous production. Very similar to Ambassador in terms of its upright growth along one single stem, but even earlier to mature. Jackpot zucchini squash seeds fruits are cylindrical, and perfect to pick at 17cm (6") long, not long after the flowers are pollinated. Jackpot zucchini squash seeds make an excellent replacement for Ambassador zucchini seeds. Its upright growth makes Jackpot a good candidate for raised garden beds, or any place where space is limited.

  • Very high yielding with few spines
  • Perfect to pick at 1cm (6") long
  • Continuous production
  • Hybrid seeds
  • Matures in 50 days
  • 2g (approx. 14 seeds)

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