Squash Table Queen Acorn - West Coast Seeds

Squash Table Queen Acorn - West Coast Seeds

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Acorn Squash Table Queen 

C. pepo

  • Sweet, golden flesh
  • Medium sized fruits
  • Vine plants
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 85 days

Table Queen acorn squash seeds are a reliable old heirloom dating back to 1913. Dark green skins and a pronounced acorn shape on fruits that average 15cm (6") in diameter. Table Queen has excellent storage ability. The long vines are prolific and exceptionally early. The sweet interior flesh is bright yellow, but turns to a golden orange colour in storage. For best storage, allow the fruits to ripen fully on the vine, and harvest just before frost. Wipe the fruits down with a weak bleach solution, and store in a cool, dry place.

Approx. 30 Seeds