Butternut Squash Tiana Organic - West Coast Seeds

Butternut Squash Tiana Organic - West Coast Seeds

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  • Early maturing
  • Highly uniform
  • Great disease resistance
  • Hybrid seeds
  • Matures in 95 days

C. moschataCERTIFIED ORGANIC! The fruits of Tiana Organic Butternut squash are uniform in size and shape, with the classic tan skin and intense dark orange interior colour. Tiana is very early to mature and productive. Butternut squashes have such a rich flavour and they will keep for months in storage. Tiana is perfect for the home gardener or market grower, producing some of the most handsome and smooth skinned butternuts we've seen. It has a high resistance to powdery mildew and intermediate resistance to Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus. This product is sold by seed count, not weight.

10 seeds

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