Sunflower Sunrich Orange - West Coast Seeds
Helianthus annuus

Sunflower Sunrich Orange - West Coast Seeds

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Helianthus annuus

  • Hybrid seeds
  • Best for cut flowers
  • 4-5' tall, 4-6" flowers
  • Highly uniform

The Sunrich series of hybrid sunflowers was bred with the florist trade in mind. These are highly uniform annuals that mature in 60 to 70 days from direct sowing, producing a single, upright stem, about 1.2-1.5m (4-5') tall. The flowers are very round with dense numbers of petals, but the flowers produce no pollen, so they won't make a mess when they're cut and brought indoors. They make really excellent, long-lasting cut flowers, with blooms 10-15cm (4-6") across.

For elegant and striking cut flowers, choose Sunrich Orange sunflower seeds. Just ten weeks after direct sowing, a whole bouquet of evenly sized, pollenless flowers can be cut for indoor decorating or bridal displays.

Approx. 20 Seeds

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