Sweet Peas Bijou Blend - West Coast Seeds

Sweet Peas Bijou Blend - West Coast Seeds

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Lathyrus odoratus

  • Annual
  • Grows to 60-90cm
  • Great for cut flowers
  • Great for window boxes
  • Easy to grow

Its rich colour range is dominated by blues and purples, but accented by the occasional highlight of scarlet or pure white. The stems are long, sturdy and uncommonly straight for excellent cut flowers. The vines are not huge at five feet tall, but larger than described in our catalogue. We have them on a trellis growing quite upright, and they are still very much in bloom in early August. We rate the fragrance at medium-strong (6/10), but as cut flowers, they are among the best. Keep cutting flowers or removing any seed pods that form in order to prolong the flowering period. Try Bijou sweet peas in large containers to bring colour and fragrance to your patio garden.


5g (Approx. 60 Seeds)

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