Sweet Peas Multiflora - West Coast Seeds

Sweet Peas Early Multiflora - West Coast Seeds

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Lathyrus odoratus

    • Annual
    • Grows to 3m
    • Mild fragrance
    • Great cut flowers
    • Solid colours

Long vines grow 2-3m (6-10') tall with sturdy stems making excellent cut flowers. Early Multiflora sweet pea seeds can be planted in early spring. Planted in the fall, it may bloom well into winter in mild or protected winter areas. This variety is an excellent candidate for forcing in the greenhouse. The abundant flowers appear in solid colours with good fragrance, and they look smashing in a bouquet. Be sure to pick off the spent flowers before they turn into seed pods in order to keep the vines flowering over a longer period. Sweet pea seeds may germinate more quickly if they are soaked in luke warm water for six hours prior to planting.


5g (Approx. 75 Seeds)

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