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Tumbler Cherry tomato seeds grow true hanging basket tomatoes.  This is the true hanging basket tomato and a customer favourite for many years. Plant three seedlings in a 25cm (10″) pot and the branches will spread out and droop over the sides for really early tomatoes. Stand back and enjoy lovely 1 to 2″ sweet clusters of tomatoes. Tuck some Lobelia, or fill with pansies in the pot for extra visual appeal, water well and fed every four to six weeks with a hanging basket fertilizer. Grow in partial shade and out of the rain for big, sweet, cherry tomatoes at eye level.
  • Sweet cherry red fruit
  • Cascades from hanging baskets
  • Early yield, 1.5′ fruits
  • Determinate (bush variety)
  • Matures in 55 days, Hybrid seeds
  • 10 seeds