BULK Pea Sugar Lace - West Coast Seeds

BULK Pea Sugar Lace II - West Coast Seeds

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Pisum sativum

  • Sweet, stringless pods
  • Pods are long and average 2 pods per node
  • Powdery mildew and enation resistant
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 68 days

    Sweet, stringless pods are borne on 80cm (30") semi-leafless vines that do not require support. The pods are about 9cm (3 1/2") long and average 2 pods per node. Sow Sugar Lace II seeds for giant harvests of very sweet snap peas. This variety is resistant to powdery mildew and pea enation mosaic virus, so it handles the cool weather at the end of the season better than others. Try planting as late as early August for harvests into October. It's also a nice one for early spring planting - you can direct sow as early as mid-February on the coast.

    Matures in 68 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

    75g (Approx. 225 Seeds)

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