Squash Kurinishki - West Coast Seeds

Squash Kurinishki - West Coast Seeds

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 Kurinishiki Mini Kaboacha Squash

C.maxima. Its dark green (nearly black) skin is striped with attractive green lines. The flesh is yellowy orange, sweet, and very flavourful. The highly uniform plants produce globe shaped fruits weighing about 1.3kg (3lbs) each. 95 days, F1.

  • Hybrid uniformity
  • Very productive plants
  • Will store for months
  • Matures in 95 days


C. maxima. The dark green (nearly black) skin of Kurinishiki Mini Kabocha is attractively striped with light green lines. The interior flesh is yellow/orange, sweet, and tasty, with a very appealing fragrance. The highly uniform plants produce flattened globe shaped fruits weighing around 1.3kg (3 lbs) each, with small seed cavities. These are the perfect single serving size. If cleaned and stored well, the fruits will keep their fine eating quality for months. This is one of the leading kabocha squash varieties grown in the US, Mexico, and South America and exported to Japan.

Matures in 95 days. (Hybrid seeds)

1g (Approx. 5 Seeds)

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