White Licorice - Weeks Rose

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White Licorice

Floribunda - bred by Weeks Rose

Large, deeply cupped blooms with a rich fruity fragrance
  • Strong Licorice and Lemon Blossom Scent
  • Repeats well.
  • Bred by Christian Bedard
  • NEW

This quiet color packs a powerful punch of unparalleled perfume. A sweet licorice and lemon blossom aroma that will make you tingle with delight. A bouquet-making machine of a plant with wonderfully formed buds that open into big wavy wonders set atop sturdy stems clothed with dark green leaves. 

Bushy and beautifully branched, the plant looks as good in the garden as the flowers do in a vase. More yellow when cool. More white when warm. 


 Rose Type Floribunda 
 Growth Type Shrub 
 Color Yellow - white
 Fragrance Strength Strong Licorice and Lemon Bossom
 Breeder Christian Bedard
 Year of Introduction 2011
 Suitable for zones Zones 4 - 10
 Petal Count 35-40 Petals