Mescluns West Coast Market Blend - West Coast Seeds

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West Coast Market Blend

  • Our signature mix
  • Offers an array of delicate tastes and colours
  • Cut and come again harvesting
  • Sophisticated flavour
  • Great in containers!

Modeled on the original mesclun blend (Parisian Market Mix), our signature West Coast Market Mix mesclun blend offers a wonderful array of delicate tastes and colors. This premium blend includes finely cut curly endive; tender, sweet, red-leaved lettuce; wavy, rich, dark green escarole; tasty blonde chicory; and just the right amount of arugula and chervil. This blend is perfect as a summer side salad or as a garnish. Or mix it in with regular salad greens to add sophisticated flavours to work a day salads. West Coast Market Mix is our best selling mesclun blend.