Pumpkin Queensland Blue - West Coast Seeds
Pumpkins Queensland Blue - West Coast Seeds

Pumpkin Queensland Blue - West Coast Seeds

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Cucurbita maxima

  • Sweet flavour lasts months in storage
  • Old Australian heirloom
  • Squashes average 10-20lb each
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 110-120 days

Not your average Halloween Jack-o-Lantern! Striking blue, flattened, highly ribbed pumpkins that average 10-20 lbs each. The flesh of Queensland Blue is golden and very sweet, with a flavour that lasts for months in storage. Queensland Blue pumpkin seeds are an old Australian heirloom that came to America in 1932. It has all the keeping power of a Hubbard squash. Let the fruits mature fully on the vine until the foliage begins to die back. Then wipe the outside of each fruit with a weak solution of bleach in water. This will kill off any bacteria and promote good storage. Be sure to use any nicked or cut fruits right away, as they will not have the same storage potential.

Matures in 110-120 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

    3g (Approx. 15 Seeds)

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